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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Recently, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the city part of department stores, supermarkets, shops selling shoes, casual shoes, sneakers quality monitoring. After testing, there are 45 batches of substandard goods, Belle, Nike, Puma, Crocs and a number of consumers familiar with the brand list. The main problem is the presence of the monitoring of substandard goods, including peel strength and sensory quality substandard. Peel strength is an important quality indicators of footwear products, consumer complaints over the years is the most quality problems. Peel strength refers to the upper and the sole adhesion fastness, after test whether the consumer wearing easy to open plastic. Monitoring found that the index of 58.7% of the total failure of substandard goods. Otherwise substandard products sensory quality of 31 batches. Sensory quality is judged footwear products indispensable quality indicators. National standard, shoes should look smooth, flat service, smooth, clean, symmetrical, insole shoes, uppe air jordan 11 space jam for sale rs, insoles, etc. should meet the relevant requirements. Monitoring found that substandard goods, some help face significant bleaching, easily lead to color migration; some bead does not close, causing the overall appearance significantly sensory quality defects; some serious discrepancies in the fabric material and identify the nominal, misleading consumers . Monitoring found that Shanghai Pacific Department Store Co., Ltd. Huaihai Branch nominal sales by Nike Sports (China) Co., woman running shoes "Nike (NIKE)" (Model specifications: 443861-501), to help end the peel strength failed. Shanghai Hongqiao Huijin Department Store Co., nominal sales by the Libin (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (supply) of the "Puma (PUMA)" brand casual shoes (Model specifications: 30207407), Shanghai Friendship Department Store Co., nominal Changning treasure from Guangzhou City Road Footwear Company Limited (supply) of the "Pierre Cardin (Pierre cardin)" brand men's shoes (Model specifications: 10G142A), Shanghai Lotus Supermarket Chain Store Co., Ltd. Wenshui nominal sales "Nu buy cheap jordans online neaton Dayton (NONEDU)" brand men (Model: 2191) will be reached by the Shanghai Footwear Company Limited (supply), the peel strength, overall appearance and other indicators of failure, in addition, the batch of "Nuneaton Dayton (NONEDU) "brand men's leather nominal floor leather, measured as synthetic leather, fabric materials and nominal serious discrepancies. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)The in the year November 11th is the famous veteran of the festival, the festival originated in the first World War, World War truce from November 11, 1918 11, this day is regarded as the actual end of the world war one day. However, for those keen on shoes, sneaker, hear the word "Veterans Day", the brain sea will thought of Wade's boots. Wade's father is a veteran, to pay tribute to his father, also to pay tribute to all retired veterans, Wade boots series Veterans Day was born, and today the protagonist of the Li Ning basketball report also and Veterans Day on, Li Ning, the Wade team is to help version & quot; Vete jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black rans Day & quot; (- Wade all team mid & quot; veterans Day"). Lining Wade is in the team to help (LI-NING Wade All in Team version of Mid) is not the first time in the Lining basketball report, familiar with the Lining basketball products friends will not "is the name of the team" feel strange, in July 10, 2014, Wade Wade announced that the team was formally established, the first batch of players include: Dwayne - Wade, Houdou Kniss - Haslem, Dorrell Wright, will Bynum, xirelijiang, and Li Ning Co will timely launch of the Lining Wade team (LI-NING Wade All in is Team) boots, the shoes will be launched by the hot lead, excellent performance, eye-catching color, excellent voice and unique design ideas for this pair of shoes acclaimed. in order to give more help to Wade's team, the designer in this pair of Li Ning Wade team still help Version (- Wade all team mid) upper using our most common synthetic leather and fabric two kinds of material, looks a bit "hard" synthetic leather is undoubtedly the biped provides basketball must support, support good enough t Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale o make the wearer in rushed into the opposition penalty area more leisurely. Because of this pair of shoes used to help design, this pair of Li Ning Wade team still help Version (- Wade all team mid) protection is beyond doubt, the feet into shoes and tighten the laces, Li Ning Wade team still help Version (- Wade all in team mid) firmly will double foot is fixed in the shoes, it always make double foot in regional security within, will not let the accident, and when our ankles in a disguised form of action is not affected in any way, seem to this pair of shoes is a very understanding your personal assistant, so that you will all focus on the anti. Help shoes protection, although the impeccable, but presumably many basketball fans will of its air permeability has been questioned, and lateral upper and neat arrangement and cooling of Kong ze that this pair of shoes also has a decent air permeability, foot and heel at different shapes of air hole design more targeted, allowing the wearer to feet constantly to keep dry, from 〉Megamerger always makes it d jordans on sale mens ifficult to resist this trend back to three landmarks together again, bring new work for shoes fans fall. Recently, BAPE UNDFTD and Adidas Originals three party once again launched a new cooperation projects, this time is still bursting with popularity of Superstar 80s selection for the design blueprint, it put on the iconic Bape camouflage coat, and the golden brand Logo and ape head with the shoe body. It is reported that this will be on October 3rd officially landed, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. bape-undefeated-adidas-superstar-80s.jpg (60.42 KB, download number: 14) download Bape x UNDFTD x adidas Superstar 80s 2015-9-29 10:03 upload adidas-undefeated-bape-superstar.jpg (89.38 KB, download number: 13) download Bape x UNDFTD x adidas Superstar 80s 2015-9-29 10:06 upload adidas-undefeated-bape-superstar-1.jpg (83.9 KB, download number: 10) download Bape x UNDFTD x adidas Superstar 80s 2015-9-29 10:06 Superstar Adidas, upload, trend, fall 00[Jeep Opening Edition] free man 20140625163730e88a2_550.jpg (37.79 KB, downlo cheap foamposites ad number: 0) download Jeep pushed the mini SUV, good girls 2014-8-5 10:40 upload 1403252428413.jpg (88.41 KB, download number: 0) download Jeep pushed the mini SUV, good girls 2014-8-5 10:40 upload consumers, beauty, pictures, mini air conditioning, 00Years of cooperation between Supreme and Nike 2013-12-08 23:43:46When did Supreme begin to be recognized by everyone? One day, suddenly see the foreign street people began queuing all night, only to buy the favorite Supreme? Or is T-shirt printed with Kate Moss or Supreme and Lady Gaga and famous photographer Terry Richardson? Or are full streets spoof Supreme Box classic logo? Or does it work with Nike almost every year? Supreme, founded in 1994 in New York, Manhattan, has worked with Nike almost every year since 2002, and then SIZE has worked out all of those years of cooperation. SUPREME x NIKE SB DUNK LOW PRO (2002) SUPREME x NIKE SB DUNK HIGH PRO (2003) SUPREME x NIKE SB DELTA FORCE 3/4 (2004) SUPREME x NIKE SB BLAZER (2006) SUPREME x NIKE SB TRAIN cheap air jordans ER TW 2 (2007) SUPREME x NIKE SB BRUIN (2009) SUPREME x NIKE SB '94 (2010) SUPREME x NIKE SB '94 (2011) SUPREME x NIKE SB DUNK LOW PRO (2012) 〉0.jpg (107.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-20 09:14 upload retained the Chelsea boots iconic elastic upper design on Publish x Timberland this pair of boots to Timberland's Suede fur leather in the cortex, the color Timberland into the iconic Wheat color and low-key black, big bottom is the common leather shoes for Vibram production the white grip outsole, showing the overall results than the previous version for street sense. At the same time, heel shoes side are respectively printed with logo Timberland and Publish brand identity, tired of watching immutable and frozen Chelsea boots? Perhaps the Publish x Timberland Chelsea is a good choice of your boots. To start Publish x Timberland Chelsea boots friends please note that this pair of boots will only launch joint Timberland Beijing shoe shop in the north and Chengdu jordans on sale online in the Pacific Ocean joy shoe store, the price is 1590 yuan from the sale, February 1st. 1.jpg (336.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-20 09:14 upload 2.jpg (174.82 KB, download number: 0) 〉 0.jpg (62.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-11 21:31 upload Today, new balance and 1.jpg (73.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-11 21:31 upload celebrating this message at the same time, New Balance is also a new design two models created a limited edition of "runDisney860v3" shoes, men's and women's inspiration from Mickey and Minnie, the color yellow color to black men, and women with red and white color is yellow. The body of the shoe on the printed "runDisney" quite eye-catching. Color, balance for actually not particularly fond of the sport but in order to be very handsome have to do so, gym is actually living in pain than happiness, obviously want to home down on the sofa eating and drinking, but have to force yo jordan 3 katrina 2018 urself to do tiring thing, if you are often accidentally lost the weak willpower, also have the same trouble network writer Libby Kane share with you to push yourself to the gym, will you "really mention disinclination" into "not impossible". 1. I will put the bag in the fitness equipment company because I won't go to work and go exercise, only in after work will go to the gym, so every night I will take bags home and installed a new day with to the company, such a thing will become the life habits. 2. every day I asked my fitness partner they have to go because you can't ask the said: "Oh, I just ask, I won't go with you, because I want to go home and watch tv. "I will participate in the course of 3.if there is no one standing in front of me, I really have to determine in the movement, probably I am not going to do, because I know myself. Although I also appreciate those spontaneous movement can go all day, to participate in the marathon, but it may not be one of them. 4. and I will stand in front of you if you stand in front of the coach and you will not Retro jordans for sale have to make the best of it. 5. I'll let the coach remember me when the coach came in the classroom, I will and his eye contact, smile and say hello, left will also remember to thank them, to do so can not only make you appear to be polite, but also let you did not appear when they are found, the next time they see you say "long time no see you... "And you will find that this is the most effective source of power. 6. I will think of how much money they paid to join the gym membership is the best, each to the price of a class of each class will become less and less, if I a month only to a, I would think he did was in waste to monitor my perseverance. 7. I will register in advance my gym has an online system allows you to first apply the limit the number of courses, if you three times in a row, registration does not appear, then 30 days will be banned use system, is a good way to force yourself must appear. 8. I will continue to yell he going to the gym if people in the office all know I want to, I would want to force myself to keep saying it, but a few months ago I in the elevator with colleagues grumble said he managed to go to the gym, which a person even back I "back to see you write the article! "So I went for it. 9. I'll tell you to go to the gym is its own reward What does the gym than let oneself become healthier. Okay. 10. I will find a partner to accompany me to go to the gym. "2015-2016 the new NBA season will kick off, Jordan Brand Russell Westbrook to create a luxurious version field signature shoe ahead of the release. Shoes presents an overall 'light bone' style, silver and details of the snake in the side and bone texture through leather vamps, the shoe laces and dynamic lacing system, while adding white rubber sleeve and the golden shoelaces deduction as embellishment. This pair of luxurious style of Westbrook 0 is now available in some Jordan limited outlets. source: atmosHomage to the hall of fame 2017 Adidas Tracey · Mcgrady's China tour officially unveiled 2017-11-10 23:42:24 Adidas joined NBA legendary superstar Tracey · Mcgrady came back to China again to celebrate his formal selection in Naismith Basketball Hall of fame. Since entering the NBA in 1997, Maddie has brought many magical moments and memories to the fans. 35 seconds 13 comeback Maddie, 2 time scoring champion, all NBA team 2 times, 7 time NBA all star, Maddie deserved in the hall of fame. The Chinese trip, Maddie came to Shanghai Jingpin shopping center and SOGO, with the majority of Chinese fans celebrate into the hall of fame of this memorable moment, bring a copy of the T-mac for Maddie fans; 5 limited the shoes and the hall of fame tribute Special Edition t-shirt. 11 9 afternoon, Maddie first came to the Shanghai Jingpin shopping center, to participate in the recording of Maddie Hall of fame tribute special program. In the interview with Maddie, Maddie reviewed his career, exposed his mind, and reviewed Maddie's moments, Maddie's selection of the hall of fame, and Maddie's previous trip to China for a series of pictures. After the fans recorded the film, the host invited the fans to show their collection on the stage, and told the story of their collection, and the story with Maddie. Subsequently, Maddie accepted the media interview, after the interview was completed, Maddie and his party went to Adidas department store in the light department stores and fans close interaction. many Maddie loyal fans came to Adidas basketball specialized shop, with a shout after another, for their basketball God Tracey · Mcgrady to help out. In store activities, Maddie first received dozens of media interviews. The end part of the group's visit, Maddie also took the site replica of T-mac 5 limited boots and salute hall special edition T-shirt printing 50 lucky fans signed photo, and encourage fans in the life and learning process should be like 35 seconds to 13 minutes of Maddie moment, believe in miracles and strive to create a miracle. At the end of the shopping center and the crystal Jiuguang store Adidas basketball 2017 Adidas Tracey · Mcgrady tribute Hall of fame after the event, Maddie also will be held tomorrow and the fans continue to share a video connection to the Smith Basketball Hall of fame joy.